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Palo Alto Software Company Overview

Palo Alto Software Ltd. is a privately held company registered in England and Wales with the company number 4260116. We're the worldwide leaders in business plan software and marketing plan software because we're passionate about helping small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Our products

Our mission is to help small businesses succeed. All our products are aimed at helping new businesses start up and thrive and existing businesses grow.

Business Plan Pro is our flagship product. For nearly a decade, it has been the business world's most popular business plan software (according to NPD Intelect, formerly PC Data), outselling all of its competitors combined, and it is regularly on Amazon.com's top 10 list of best-selling business software. Business Plan Pro is available for sale on our website and in Staples, Office Depot, and many other retail locations.

Sales and Marketing Pro is one of our newest products. It builds on our popular Marketing Plan Pro (the No. 1 selling marketing planning software) by giving users the tools they need to find more customers and grow their businesses. Sales and Marketing Pro puts extra emphasis on social media and online marketing, and gives more attention to the sales side of running a small busines than other products.

VAT Number

GB 782258114

How we support small businesses

With our free websites Bplans.co.uk and Mplans.com, we actively support the small business community by providing a wealth of information and guidance.

Bplans attracts roughly a million visitors per month, offering free business planning articles, financial tools, sample business plans, and other important resources. . Mplans provides similar content and marketing planning resources.

Members of our leadership team, including UK General Manager Alan Gleeson, travel the country speaking about business planning and starting and running small businesses. 

Company history

Palo Alto Software was founded in Palo Alto, California, in 1983 as Infoplan, a sole proprietorship. In 1988 it was incorporated in California as Palo Alto Software. The company relocated to Oregon in 1992.

During the 1980s, the company focused mainly on consulting and market research, with clients including Apple Computer, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Lotus Development Corporation, Ashton-Tate and others. Its forecasts of the personal computer market in Mexico became the standard source in that market until Select S.A. was established in 1988. Founder Tim Berry developed annual business plans for Apple Latin America from 1984 through 1987, during which time sales quadrupled, and for Apple Japan from 1991 to 1993 as sales increased tenfold.

Business Plan Pro, our flagship product, evolved from extensive consulting in business planning for large and small companies. In 1984, Infoplan published a business plan template, which accompanied a book published by Oasis Press, and in 1988, the original version of the software was published as the Business Plan Toolkit.

In 2007, Tim Berry changed his role to focus on blogging and educational activities, handing responsibility for daily responsibilities to a new management team headed by his daughter Sabrina Parsons.