We recognize that job creation comes from small businesses. Every business that we help means a better future for everyone. All entrepreneurs should have the opportunity and tools to start and grow their own businesses. We support this mission by sponsoring business plan and entrepreneurship competitions, donating free software to SCORE and SBDC offices around the country, and by giving students and educators the tools they need to learn about business. We also believe in improving our own local community in Eugene, Oregon, so that it continues to be a great place to work, live, and play.

Cityscape of downtown Eugene, Oregon, hometown of Palo Alto Software.

Local businesses development

We work with several local and regional organizations to support entrepreneurs in Eugene and around the Pacific Northwest, and we're always happy to meet and consult with our local LivePlan customers. Here in Oregon, we work with:

Alyssa volunteers teaching dance with the Boys & Girls Club.


We believe that education is key to economic prosperity. From business plan competitions, to college and high school internships, to organizations that work to ensure educational opportunities for all—we're committed to increasing access to lifelong learning, alongside organizations like:

Matt and Dag working together on our business planning software, LivePlan.


As a software company, we know we can play a hand in growing the tech industry, driving innovation, and creating jobs in the Pacific Northwest. We're involved in:

Prepping craft projects for low-income after-school care with United Way's Day of Caring.

Charities and volunteering

We believe in supporting our local charitable organizations. Everyone on our team is encouraged to volunteer four hours a month of their work time to benefit a nonprofit. We sponsor a variety of causes including: