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Who We Are

We help people succeed in business. We understand small business because we are a small business. We know what it's like to start from zero, with no outside investment, and build a company from one employee to nearly a hundred.

Our products are right for small businesses because we understand the challenges of startups, and we also know what it takes to be successful. We are committed to providing that knowledge, experience, and expertise to as many other small businesses as possible.

Diversity and Inclusion


Founded in 1988, Palo Alto Software provides tools, software, and expertise to entrepreneurs in more than 180 countries.


We are dedicated to helping small businesses like us grow and succeed. We believe in affordable software, simplicity, quality service, entrepreneurship, and giving back.


We believe that community is vital for small businesses, so we give back to ours. We're committed to making the world a better place to live and work.


Want to work with us to help small businesses and entrepreneurs reach their full potential?

Photo of Palo Alto Software founder, Tim Berry

Tim Berry,
Founder and Chairman

After a successful career writing business plans for high tech giants like Apple and Borland International, Tim Berry founded Palo Alto Software to make business planning accessible to all entrepreneurs.

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    Sabrina Parsons

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    Noah Parsons

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    Trevor Betenson

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    Josh Cochrane
    VP of Product